The brand was founded with unique hand-drawn and randomly generated 2D fish NFT social avatars for your online experiences, which add up to fun game-like collectibles with extra benefits. They are intended both as avatars for two-dimensional space and as playable avatars in our Member-tank. The Member-tank opens up the opportunity to play games, customize your Fish-tank and meet other members. On November 11, 2021, 1111 very unique and randomly generated fish popped up from the stormy NFT ocean. Since that day, Fish-tank has continuously evolved to form a strong core community.

1'111 Genesis fish

Common fish

Version 1.0.A

Population: 75%

The next generation in our tank. Young and frisky! They have to find their way around the big Ocean first!

Rare fish

Version 1.0.B

Population: 20%

Unabashedly into the youth. Cheeky, intelligent and fast in the prey hunt! Be on your guard!

Legendary fish

Version 1.0.C

Population: 5%

Only found in deep waters! With marine wisdom they enlighten the whole population and are superior to all!

2'222 Sustainable Seahorses

Common Seahorse

Version 2.0.A

Population: 75%

This great population comes in swarms across the seven seas, on their way to the next big wave.

Rare Seahorse

Version 2.0.B

Population: 20%

In the golden age of life, they shine in full splendor and mystical energy. A miracle of the Ocean!

Legendary Seahorse

Version 2.0.C

Population: 5%

These magnificent creatures are very rare to find. Whoever sees one should act smart & quickly!

Join a community striving to save our ocean!

After minting your personal sealife you can hold & observe it in the Member-Tank.

Fish 4
Fish 3
Fish 2